Friday, February 19, 2016

Who is my enemy?

Who is my enemy?

 So disheartening,
 When the world still sings
"You are the bad guy", its they verses we.
 But really Who is our enemy?
We need to cease our theorizing
And stop our constant compartmentalizing.
Color, creed, religion, sexuality not our Foe.
We say yes we understand but our actions say we're slow.
 When we get right to it we often make a wedge
Using Democrat, Republican, Libertarian as a hedge,
Or even more division using religion
To designate wanted and unwanted based on type of sin.
All fall short of the created intent.
All have need to turn and repent.
Entering in as partners against hate,
Stop using each other as an escape.
 Our call as Gods children to reach out and love,
The many, lost, lonely, addicted and unloved.
Partner with those who we call nemesis,
Come together and stop the arrogance.
With new vision see all who in desperation and destitution cry.
We are in truth each an ally.
The enemy is that which separates and divides.


  1. I am new to this whole blogging thing but just know seeing your writing and Mrs. Burkholder's writings from the past year has been inspiring me.

  2. Separates and divides! Yes! And Whitney - excited to read your stuff! :)