Saturday, February 27, 2016

Words of worship

                                                             Words of worship

Memorizing, deciphering,
 Full meaning just out of reach.
Often bereft,
 Left unable to share or speak.

Pleas to the one above
 For divine interface.
 Promises spoken,
The words to be pressed into place.

As Annie Sullivan spelling into Helen’s hand
Your Holy Spirit planting your words allowing to understand.
Words then formed, taking shape
Written out on a paper landscape.
Splayed out for all to see
And yet the message so personal to me.

Words that will work their way in to the depth of my core
Words that open wide many a spiritual door.
This then my worship returned to the giver
Bravely sharing my words with my fellow sinner.

1 comment:

  1. This is a perfect depiction of God working manna into your very fiber, your vibe and you then sharing your fruit.

    If the nutrients are not right... the fruit is not right. If we allow pests to attack, it will also affect our fruit. Your soil is rich and your spiritual warfare active - we benefit! Thank you for sharing your fruit. The room was silent yesterday at RCC's Women's Tea! Silent. You filled our souls with food and encouragement!