Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A deer caught in head lights.

          A deer caught in head lights is not even the beginning of how it feels to join 
this challenge. Me writing a blog? A true challenge  for this woman who so often 
cannot remember what happened 5 minutes ago. Challenged to manage my 
thoughts and conversations with God and actually have the wherewithal to put  
pen to paper (or keyboard to word doc. as one would have it). I some times 
laugh at how truly dysfunctional this brain is and yet how truly caring my God is. 
There are days that attending Bible study can just overwhelm me as I face the 
idea of just remembering the topic let alone the scriptures. I have to dig deep 
into this mind of mine to search for the file and sometimes come up totally blank. 
BUT this is the amazing part, I don't have to remember because the 
Holy Spirit has never let me down. It is my reliance on The One and Only that makes 
me want to journey out and be part of something bigger than my self.

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