Thursday, January 15, 2015

Overcoming an Eeyore Mentality

   Winnie the Pooh has long been a favorite at our house even before my eldest was born 21 years ago. There is a simple sweetness  about these characters that some how feels very comforting to me. I think each of these animals speaks to how many of us Christians respond to this walk. We can some times fall into the trap of one of the AA Milne personalities such as...

 The worrisome Rabbit, always seeking to stay in control,trying to get it all  right.

The timid Piglet, hiding in fear,not willing to risk much.

Wise Old Owl, seeking knowledge but has his head in books,missing the human factor.

Careless Tigger,bouncing on others,thinking only of himself.

And Eeyore,the  glass is half empty,no joy for me...

     I must confess that at times I can very much relate to Eeyore and Piglet, forgetting the Victory that has been won,focusing on what is not. I think the one who gets it most right is Winnie The Pooh. He is humble, living in the moment and when in trouble calls out "Christopheeer Roooobin" with a pureness and assurance that help will come. I am reminded that when we want to control or are feeling hopeless all that is needed is a transparent belief that if we call out "Jeeeesus", He will most assuredly respond.


  1. Winnie got stuck from too much honey! But his friends pushed him out........right? I love this!

  2. So real and I have so been that donkey too.