Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Re- purposing

  Ok So here is a cheat from an old journal writing but I  
think it sums  up  why I am engaging in this 365  writing challenge...

Romans 15:6
"So that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ".

 In the past God has always spoken in word pictures to me, Images, thoughts and words that would be nudged into my heart during worship or times of prayer. I would often write it down in my journal. Sometimes the words would come as I was writing and sometimes it would just be a picture forming. Either way I knew God was trying to show me something about himself or an area that was under construction in myself. Through  journaling I became aware of a need to find my voice, A voice that wants to tell people about my God,  A voice that wants to be expressed. A voice that is not self willed and self directed but is God instilled. A voice that was once loud and filled with its own thoughts and opinions;   A voice that needed to learn to listen for Gods voice and tune out the other voices in my head, A voice that is being quieted so it can be refined. A voice that is trying  to submit to a God who knows me and loves me and speaks to me and wants me to be a voice to what He has to say. . .  I know that as I begin this journey of finding my voice it is the beginning of an awakening and desire that God is growing. Only he knows where it will lead, whether to a greater understanding of him or perhaps a way to reach out to others. All I know is that I each time I exercise that voice, the sounds of life begin to stir.


  1. The Writer's voice=the inner man, no?

  2. Very encouraging - such a simple phrase "one mind and one voice" and it means so much. Turning it over and over in my head.....