Thursday, January 22, 2015

Self regulation

        I am working with a young girl who has difficulty with self regulation: " A child with self-regulatory skills is able to focus his attention, control his emotions and manage his thinking, behavior and feelings." This young lady has problems with that so I am utilizing a program called the "Zones of Regulation" written  by  Leah Kuypers. "The Zones" describe 4 distinct areas or zones according to a color coding system using blue,green,yellow and red. "The curriculum is designed to help move students toward independent regulation."   And as you may imagine the blue zone stands for sad,tired,low feelings , the green is the optimal,alert ready to respond zone, A person may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, excitement, silliness, or nervousness when in the yellow zone  and the red is for  those out of control,  extremely heightened states of alertness and intense emotions. My job is to help the child understand her zones and to understand when they are expected and not expected and how to utilize various tools to regulate.
               I find myself thinking more about theses zones with in the context of my own life. When I was younger and newer in my faith I would often be either in the  green zone or the red zone,one extreme to the other. Over time and the longer I have walked this faith life out I have been able to visit that red zone less and less but as I find myself in another life stage of Hormonal imbalance I am struck with how often I am bouncing between the yellow zone and the blue zone.And yes the world tells us it is expected when the highs and lows of Estrogen,Progesterone etc hit to be off our game. However try telling that to my family when they are unexpectedly dealing with a grouchy, mad woman. I think the worst is when the blue zone hits. I know the pat Christian answer for the correct tool is Jesus and the truth of that is not lost on me but sometimes I need help accessing that tool. I am, at times,  so unable to "self regulate". Then its time to dig out other tools such as texting a dear friend "SOS", while stranded in the mountains with only the male species,as both the yellow and blue zones hit simultaneously. (NO they do not combine to make green in case you were wondering). Or taking a much needed time out, seeking some deep pressure(a hug) or simply some deep breathing as you wait on the promise that He can handle even the worst of my regulation issues.

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  1. Even in perfection, Adam and Eve were not created to be "independent", but dependent on their Creator. (Self regulation? Good luck with that!) Good thoughts.