Wednesday, January 28, 2015

small triumphs

     This morning I woke up early and went immediately downstairs to start  the coffee (Twin Valley Jazzy Java) as well as brew my tea for later. I then went about packing my lunch, gathering things for work that day and then proceeded back upstairs to shower and get dressed. Well I ended up being  the last one down (out of those who had early departures). Knowing I only had a few moments to get my self out the door and no time to drink my morning cup of coffee at home, decided to dump my brewed tea out of my travel mug so I could pour the much needed Java in. And was surprised in the not so pleasant way to find literally 3 TBS of coffee left. No time to regroup, I grabbed said travel mug and a new tea bag in hopes of caffeinating my body  via tea  at the water cooler at work. (Which is a story in it's self as the hot water/ cooler had run out of water after 4 measly drips into my mug) . 
     The point of all the above details is to share with you about my struggle then to not have a fit and call all the possible coffee stealing  culprits and let them know how selfish they were.The drive to work was one fraught with the " I can't believe they didn't save me any"  and the "I know God, it's not a big deal". Back and forth the dialogue in my brain, reasoning after a while that it would be OK if I  just let them know in a nice way then  back over to   "just let it go". Ultimately it wasn't "let it go" that won but just allowing  thoughts of thankfulness to  sink in. I also pondered Eve wanting the one thing she couldn't have but not appreciating all she did have. I will admit that as the tired, no caffeine morning wore on I did waiver in my attitude a few more times but got to go home early to make a new pot of Jazzy Java with out ripping some ones head off.

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