Monday, January 19, 2015

Food, Glorious Food.

      In her book: Bread and Wine: A love letter to Life around the Table, Author 
Shauna Niequist points out that there are those of us who wake up thinking about what is for dinner and those of us who don't. I confess I fall into the first category. I would like to 
be able to say that God is always my first thought but that would be an utter lie. 
Many times and maybe too many times I start listing what foods 
we have on hand, who will be eating at home, did we eat too much junk yesterday, 
should it be a meatless meal, do I have any thing fresh to serve, and  so on.
 Now in her book Shauna Niequist discusses the beauty of breaking bread 
with one another and although I agree  that so much is shared around the
 dinner table , again I must confess that I am secretly a food hoarder. 
I love to try new recipes and get excited when a dish turns out well but
 I don't always feel like sharing. My family says feeding  is my gift because  I have had a tendency to pull out food as soon as some one walks in the door however  they will also tell you how I control the flow of food going in and out of the cabinets or from the serving platter. I guess I share 
this all in an attempt to find  balance.  I love to cook and prepare meals but pray that I can find that place where it is a tool to bring glory to God and not to myself nor to just add to my waistline.