Thursday, May 7, 2015

Broken trinkets

I am not one that has big ticket items throughout my house. I tend towards practical and have had many hand me downs pass through our home. For a long time my kitchen cabinets were filled with mismatched dishes and glasses including plastic fishy plates. In recent years I have been able to acquire complete sets including my practical but matching Corelle with polka dots and Jewel tone glassware. Not “my pride and joy” but definitely a happy place. That is until these past 2 weeks. The first to go was one of the glasses (I believe it was one of the teal ones). Then today, a favorite green RCC coffee mug became fatally wounded as it tumbled out of the top cabinet then finally came a Corelle cereal bowl. I am pretty sure Corelle is supposed to be chip and break “resistant “but this one shattered into hundreds of pieces finding its way into cabinets unbeknownst by me (which is its own story for another day). I was definitely not in my happy zone any more. Later  I was struck with how truly unimportant my broken trinkets where in comparison to those who have lost it all.  Items given value by me for who knows why, trinkets with no true lasting worth. It was not a quick gloss over it kind of response either, rather a resonating deep within that IT DOES NOT MATTER at ALL.

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