Thursday, May 21, 2015

True Beauty

Beauty is love in action and love in action is beyond words. In the face of so much pain and violence in this world is there still evidence of hope and beauty?Yes when we unite and make a difference, not when we individually clamor for our own needs to be met but when we meet to fill another's needs. Today love in action amounted to over $350,000 being given in the name of Jesus to reach the violated and displaced survivors of yet another genocide, those in Iraq being persecuted by ISIS. There are so many places of despair but when we answer God's call together and link prayer, arms and resources, differences can be made. The isolation and limited communication during the encampment and systematic killing of the least of these during the holocaust made it easy to do  away with people. This time and this place that we now occupy gives us a chance to not look away and ignore. Anne Voskamp, an author and blogger, recently shared the stories of women she met on a  trip to Iraq. Her graphic stories and true concern along with a plea to the American church roused quite a response and as a result many will receive help.They will not be given back their lives that were stripped and beaten from them but needs will be met. This is beauty from ashes. Hope extended.This is risk, this is love moving.

Below are links to the article and to a live telecast.(replay of live telecast)

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