Monday, May 11, 2015



There are those who are over-comers and my mom is one of them. She has not only endured but triumphed over a past filled with traumatic ritualistic abuse. She married young to escape her environment of abuse and neglect and managed to raise four semi sane children. Then faced single motherhood head on. She took the bull by the horns and pursued going to college  getting her associates, bachelors, masters degree and eventually completed her PhD. As the youngest my memories are filled with an overall sense of love and bravery amidst the crazy. My mom allowed her children to explore and find adventure. She introduced us to nature with our trips to Maine and camping trips later on. She continued that legacy of adventure with her many trips to the beach with the grandchildren, teaching them how to crash the waves. As life became difficult and the memories could no longer be ignored she bravely waded through counseling, facing the past and vanquishing “demons’. My mom has displayed immense courage in seeking forgiveness from her children and in always striving for a better relationship. She has boldly stepped into the body of faith, allowing God to continue the healing process. My mom loves unconditionally, accepting step kids, in laws and others into her circle without restraint.  Those who her children love become embraced as her family too. She is also very patient with a daughter who lacks in the communication department never accusing or scolding. My mom is the right mom for our family and is an example of courage and quiet strength. 

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  1. This is beautiful and another reason why my respect for your family is high! The difficulties you faced and braved, my hat's off to you! Thank you for sharing this insightful view into your mother's life! A treasure.