Saturday, May 2, 2015



I love being a wife except when I don’t. I am fulfilled in my parenting except when it empties me. I am enriched by being a home school mom except when I get lazy. I am satisfied when working as an Occupational Therapist in the special needs population except when the demands grow too big.  I feel completed as a christian when I do the right thing except when I fail at it. So many identities and so many crisis when failure or lack show its face. My identity too closely wrapped in the here and now. Joy comes not in who I am or in what I do, joy comes in  resting in the knowledge that I am accepted just as I am when I allow Christ to redeem all my inadequacies. I am a sinful creature, full of pride and selfishness and prone to messing up but can be at peace when I let the truth sink deep.

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  1. Like I said! I love your vulnerability and likewise your confidence in Christ growing! We don't need to be strong, have our issues lined up with a semblance of understanding. We just need to be flat on our knees! IT IS HIM!!!!!