Friday, April 3, 2015

Forgetting to remember

Forgetting to remember.

Image result for image of string around fingerThe stuff we have accumulated will perish and be forgotten. The things that people have created and built during their lives on earth quickly pass from our thoughts. It is our relationships with those who have passed on that linger. We who are here on earth give significance to those who are dead by treasuring their memories.  In the Old Testament the Israelite's would set up altars to try to remember such as when God told Joshua and the Israelite's as they crossed the Jordan “These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever”. They were given the command to remember” what the Lord has done” through the celebration of Passover.  We as Christians also have holidays that ask us to remember, Easter being key in remembering Jesus’ mission in coming to earth. We participate in communion so we can be reminded, the Jewish religion lights candles in remembrance and many other cultures participate in festivals to remember the dead. These external observances are needed because we forget. We forget to remember. But what if I was more closely in fellowship with Jesus, spending time as I would my own children and spouse so that it became almost impossible to delete the memories made. What if spending time with Jesus became more of a priority? Does the remembering become easier because there is now attached more significance? Would the forgetting diminish?

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