Friday, April 24, 2015

Whose child is this?

Whose child is this?

I have of late looked at my eldest child and have had thoughts of whose child is this. Where did this brilliant young man come from?  He takes on the challenge where I would shrink back in mediocrity. I am watching him these past few weeks push towards college graduation, writing convocation speeches, finishing up a research project on lead in Berks County, putting together an honors thesis defense and studying for finals as well as preparing for presentations. He is my word smith and lover of poetry but also the one who enjoys math and science. He is at times a foreign language to me, he actually likes to learn, has an innate curiosity and likes the idea of being in academia someday! If I boast here, it is in my amazement that despite his mother saying pick the less stressful path over and over again he has gotten into the University of Pennsylvania’s doctoral program. He is my child that possesses a quiet kind of tenacity not visible and loud but the kind that will stay the course. He is a gentleman to the supreme at times. He is also my silent yet bull headed child and no amount of talking can change his mind. He is also one that has extended much grace to his bumbling parents, forgiving their attempts at getting parenting right with his tender 1st born heart. He is my heart and I am very proud to call him my son even if he is a nerdy brainiac!

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  1. I am crying! This is so beautiful. I have so appreciated getting to know your firstborn. You and John are two amazing parents. I love both of your honesty, your authenticity. You are yourselves through and through! Ryan is an amazing man and I am so honored to know him. Thank you for sharing your family with this community and doing it with such humility! Cupo family rocks!