Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Gather, make piles, and gather more. Purchase and make food to fill up coolers. Bow and arrows, fishing waiters, bible, boots and more to be brought. Check gear and place in bins. Pack clothing and check the list. Eat dinner, grab wallets and keys and out the door but wait come back for one last thing. Such is the comings and goings of the men in this house. Frequent are the trips up to the cabin (a four and a half hour drive) and frequent is the whirlwind to get packed and on the way.  Sometimes I come along and add to the fray but more often I am trying to facilitate and hasten the departure so peace can once more reside. This time was no different except that instead of the handful of guys hanging at the cabin there will be approximately 75 men and boys camping out gathering in the name of Jesus. Somewhere out there, there are others gathering and packing and making their own hurly-burly in hopes of finding and awakening to the wild alive hearts they were given. Men experiencing the freedom to move in how they were created, a bit untamed, bold and brave not having to be hemmed in by woman’s definition of manhood. The tumult well worth  it for both the travelers and the ones left at home by my standards. A quiet space and books to be read for me and adventure for them.

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  1. Just love this writing. I am winded after reading it.