Monday, April 13, 2015


The quality or state of being secure: as
a :  freedom from danger :  safety
b :  freedom from fear or anxiety
c :  freedom from the prospect of being laid off <job security>
Security; probably one of my favorite words and feelings. To be ensconced safely at home, to feel secure in my finances, to have sureness that all is well. Unfortunately that is not where freedom is found. To place value in the things that are fleeting is just dumb yet I crave it and have invested large chunks in trying to keep things balanced and secure. My head tells me that I have a big God who is trust worthy, yet my desire to run to safety has many times overridden my yearning to be bold and fruitful.
It is like I am on an island with just enough food and water but I know these will eventually run out. Upriver is a never ending supply of all I need. There is a raft with an oarsman in the river waiting to take me up stream. The knowledge is there but am I willing to step into the river.  The oarsman can read the weather and knows if the island will flood or if a hurricane will hit and is calling me to move out to the places he has already spied out. But the pull to stay put is strong. Again head and heart knowledge so separated at times. True freedom and security happens when I step in.


  1. The water that stays put is called stagnant.
    There is no security,it is a myth.
    Let go and if you die you die but if you you fly!