Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The reluctant princess

Little Princess Stock Photography - 6290302The reluctant princess

Once upon a time there was a king who adopted a daughter. She loved the king and would hang out with him often but when the enemy came and attacked, the girl ran to the towers and hid herself there. She could watch from the window all that went on in the kingdom and would sometimes come down and visit but she found comfort in her hideaway and would return to it often. After a while she realized how truly confining the tower was and with help from her sisters and brothers broke down the walls making it impossible to return there. She longed to serve the King and would watch as he would dole out blessings, healing and provisions to his subjects. She would dream about gathering these supplies from the king and helping in dispensing them out in the Kingdom but would then become fearful and retreat to a quieter corner and busy herself with other work. Sometimes she would become so busy that she would lose sight of the king and forget about the others in the kingdom. The gentle king would call her name and beckon her to come stand near him and reminded her that if she stayed close enough to him he would tell her what was needed. Her only command was to stay close enough so she would be ready if he needed someone to wipe a tear, provide a drink or give a word of hope. The princess would do well for a while but would frequently wander off only to find that the king would whisper her name and welcome her back without hesitation.

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  1. I love this. I feel the tension the little princess feels, the longing she has and the freedom she is offered.