Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax time


Tax day is just no fun nor are the days between January 1st and April 15th for many. My Blessed brother is our tax guy now. He has put up with us sending stuff in drips and drabs, e-mailing and calling a thousand times to ask favors and questions, all while trying to finish up his regular paying customers. Over the 25 years of marriage we have had several people help us including my dad, 2 different expensive accountants, and good old Turbo tax but we have invariably ended up calling my brother for advice any way. This year was no different although we thought we had been efficient sending off our info as well as the older children's tax stuff. David  e-filed our federal and PA state taxes only to have us get a late piece of  info, requiring an amended tax submission and many  confused  calls from me  to understand what I was supposed to do. Then more emails were fired off as more misunderstanding about the young adult’s state taxes. Finally all was good, money was sent, and correct forms filled out but then came time for the dreaded local county taxes. The day was put off in hopes of avoiding filling out the 1 page, simple yet bewildering, forms thinking that maybe a rescue from my brother would come through at his busiest, craziest time but alas we were on our own. April 14th we hunkered down and tried to wade through. Almost completed, two out of three envelopes were stamped and addressed when suddenly the sheet of stamps literally disappeared. Searches at ten o’clock at night desperate to have things finished and in the mail 1st thing on the 15th came to no avail. Never have we waited until the last moment it felt like at any moment the tax police would be beating down our door.We made the deadline with  our local taxes  post marked 4/15/15, and can  now be counted as  one of "THOSE" last minute people.

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