Sunday, February 8, 2015

A sabbath

A day of rest

The Sabbath...I have studied it, heard sermons and read others thoughts on the subject and have not really come to my own conclusions until today. And maybe conclusions is not quite the right term more like my own experiential learning of it. It was a busy, emotional, spirit filled week that ended around 8:00  Saturday night. I had not slept well all week, making preparations, thoughts racing etc.
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Ah but my Sabbath began at 9:45 when I climbed into my bed and fell asleep fairly quickly with only a few moments of interruptions as teens headed to bed some time later.I slept well and woke with peace. The day continued with  this peace.  This place of just being, no deep God moments,no profound thoughts just rest that comes only from God. A rest that followed through out the day even while comforting crying babies,chasing down help for stuck toilets and impromptu lunch visits from a favorite niece. A lovely gift.

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  1. I love our Maker who speaks such gentle things to us. I also love this Sabbath account.