Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Tuesday...one of the days I don't work, a day when Ben is home and the day Avery comes.  It begins early at 7:30 when baby arrives. Smiles, hugs, new skills admired, favorite books reached for and read. All is well, I am confident of this Grandma thing until I am not. We try exploring new songs, games and books but soon they grow tiresome. Lunch approaching and almost done, angel dust dropping away as food is thrown and other normal  toddler behavior emerges. Surprising though is Grandma's shorter fuse, pride thinking I have this down pat. Sinful child wanting her way, but more sad is sinful grandma wanting control. Tuesdays  a chance for the mirror to be  held up to see some ugly reflections,  a reminder that parenting is hard but the process of being sanded by anothers' need so necessary.

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  1. so vulnerable,Dale. I love your honesty. Thank you for this!