Sunday, February 1, 2015

Living Vicariously

Living Vicariously

     I am not a people person and  I have discovered that I tip the scales more towards being an introvert. When in a large group I am good for about 5 minutes worth of putting myself out front and then am ready to retreat to a quiet corner with a few talkative people(so I don't have to talk as much.) Ah but alas I have this dear friend who loves people and has some how made me kinda of want to like them too. Her house is a beacon of light for all who are weary and in need of a friendly ear. She has this wonderful quality of drawing people out and of highlighting their gifts. Over and over again she will tell me about this person or that and how much I would love them and so on. It has occurred to me that "yes" through her ability to see the beauty in people I too might want to spend time with them, but left to my own would never discover these gems. So I am learning to enjoy people a little more, vicariously through one persons vision  and choice to celebrate  how we are uniquely created.

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  1. you're the funniest introvert ever! but the real fun is when we are at your house seriously being extrovert and introvert together. living the sloppy life together! :)