Wednesday, February 4, 2015


     There were Giants in the land this week. One minute I am texting a friend all is well, God will provide,  and then the  next thing  I know the shadows started to move in. Growing ever larger and ominous.The second guessing and the reality of a big event approaching started pushing at the places of doubt, tweaking out faith issues. Do I really believe God can feed the 100 from "2 loaves and some fish"? Is He truly big enough to chase away  my  perceived giants? Another shout out to a friend and my son, a few minutes of quiet, and a posture of thankfulness are powerful weapons. Joshua and Caleb believed that their God would conquer, the other Israelite's faltered in doubt . My one advantage when I falter is that Jesus won the battle and goes ahead so that  even in my doubt  I do not get left behind.

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