Friday, February 20, 2015

Other Women

I read a book several months ago that has stayed with me. It is called In The Land of The Blue Burqas’. The author is Kate McCord.  It is a true story about her time as an aid worker in a small village in Afghanistan. What struck me the most was her long term commitment to get to know the women in the village and to just listen to their stories. I was also so impressed with her ability to speak life and hope into them without proselytizing. Other stories about the oppressed lives of women from many Muslim nations has haunted me. In light of the recent events surrounding ISIS and the violent acts done in the name of Allah, I again have been thinking of these women and children. Many have no access to public communication nor are they allowed to even go out and worship in public. Knowledge of the things in the world is very limited and indoctrination is very easily accomplished through ignorance.  During a written prayer exercise the other night I felt compelled to pray for these women (we were asked to pray for the city of Reading. I guess I was not listening). Below is my Prayer and am hoping others will pray too.

"Dear Lord I lift up the many oppressed Muslim women and children who do not know you and have no access to you. I pray against fear that would chain them to a hate filled, bitter life. I pray for protection and bravery for those who comfort and preach in your name Jesus. I pray that you Lord would rise up, protect and avenge those who are being persecuted. Lord let your name and goodness be proclaimed in these places. Reach out your mighty hand and give eyes and ears to see your truth and justice. Tie up those who would proclaim evil, enslave and put heavy burdens on their people. Hem in all their evil plans, place road blocks on every road. Awaken hearts and minds, give voices to the oppressed."

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