Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The prospective professor and his protege'.

The prospective professor and his protege'.

    Today I got to observe my eldest bonding with his niece. He is graduating this year,soon to head off to graduate school for his PhD.  She is a 19 month old toddler exploring and soaking all things around her.The sheer joy of watching this precious interaction as he simply reads her a book, helps her take puzzle pieces out and naming objects all around her. She glows whenever he sings "head, shoulders, knee's and toes" or begins to sing a familiar Raffi song. These are pictures to be mentally snapped and stored and blocks for building relationships.  I am reminded that they are simple investments but so needed in this hurried, hurting world.

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  1. My brothers are 10 and 16 years younger than I am, so when my littles started coming along it was so cool to see the interaction. They all have a close bond to "The Uncles". :-)