Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Father's eyes

I heard a song today called my father's eyes by Amy Grant. Genetically I do have green eyes just like my dad and have taken great pride in them. This song however hit a deeper note as it talked about seeing with God's eye's, having compassion, seeing the pain and seeing the good in things" when good is not around".  It was a great way to refocus on God on my way to work (this morning's quiet and bible time already fading). I prayed and have prayed in the past that I would have eyes to see the need around me and the action to follow through in obedience. Unfortunately the wonderful sentiment only lasted for the 20 minutes until I arrived at work and the immediate "needs" pushed all things spiritual from mind. I think that it is easy for me to want to negate the emotion that was stirred by the song and become discouraged at my short memory but I believe that the Holy spirit is at work in us and so all these "little" moments of awareness of God and His desires continue to work away, making new genetic imprints in us.

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