Monday, February 23, 2015


          Shh!Quiet. Shhhhhhh please!
 The noises reverberating all around our house tip the scales many a night; crazy dog barking, music emanating from technology, simultaneous conversations carrying on a midst random  boy noises and TV voices competing in the back ground. Decibels increasing and suddenly mom Shhshing all, hoping for a quiet space, but not really wanting it to stop. The noise does  overwhelm but it also means there is a pulse of life in our home. Time soon enough when one by one the noise makers will move on so this shhsher needs to shhsh herself and listen and remember.

This post inspired by Dani.

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  1. I remind myself of this all the time. The activity in our home is a gift, especially at our ages! Many nests are emptying out. But when my insides are settled it is unnerving. Like right about now...........