Monday, February 2, 2015

Dani Time

      After an indulgent afternoon at a friends party,  eating foods that make me feel sluggish and tired as well as enjoying a glass or two of sangria, I was ready for some introvert refueling (alone time). My couch was calling my name. We were almost home  when I received a phone call from my girl...she was heading out to purchase  a few things. She had been "home all day" by herself and "needed to get out". I knew she might be wanting some company so I said good-bye to any thoughts of sweat pants and blankets.  Funny thing with in minutes of  the car ride I could see her mood shift  from  deflated to inflated. She shared how she really must be an extrovert because in just a few minutes she could feel herself perk up just by having some company. I on the other hand was still thinking couch time but even as that thought passed I felt myself become energized. You see  I had not had my  "Dani time" for quite a while. As the only other girl in the house (not counting the dog) we "get each other".  So off we went running errands, comparing thoughts, opinions and just silliness.  I cannot even express the gratitude I feel at being able to call this young lady my daughter. She brings joy and energy where ever she goes. The couch was still there when I got home and the simple choice to deny myself my "down time" was an investment made with out regrets.

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  1. The relationship that you and Dani have inspires me and makes me very happy. You both are tight and yet you both have given each other room. Oh, the lovely relationship that will follow both of you as the years increase gives me such pleasure to think about. I have loved your wisdom Dale. Your head never went in the sand but was always up and facing the wind, the rain, and I believe that is why the sunshine is that much more wonderful for you. My respect for the both of you is sky high and that respect was based on both of your authenticity!