Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gluten free dreams

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     If there was a next life on earth I would want to be an Italian chef (and not gluten free). I would  relish in stretching elastic, glutinous dough, forming it into heavenly pizza crusts. I would make home made pasta with delicate sauces. I would enjoy tasting all my pastry creations, filling up hand rolled cannoli's.  But alas I only have this life so I will make the most out of gluten free(GF) pizza dough, seasoning and topping with care. I will work with brown rice pasta praying it does not turn to mush in my soups and  dishes. I will sing praises for Betty Crocker and Pamela's GF flour mixes when baking. I will be thankful for ovens, hands that can cook, money for groceries and Gluten free food to eat.

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  1. "Always look on the bright side of life. whistle, whistle, whistle!" I do miss working with elastic dough! I do not miss the thud in my stomach!