Friday, March 20, 2015

Boys part 2

Boys to men

 Young boys grow into young men and the  adventures begin to change but it can be no less engaging to watch the process. Challenges become more about trying to master some new skill such as teaching oneself a musical instrument or learning how to brew beer and actually making some. Sports become more competitive, girls start to come into focus. Guys gather around  to discuss cars/motorcycles, college plans and God. Jobs and cash flow hold sway over their choices. Young men moving towards "real life" meet and hold each other accountable discussing harder questions. "Soon to be independent adults" study maps and plan their last big adventure before life takes them in separate directions. Boys becoming men way sooner than their mothers want.

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  1. Love this! Well put. Hey why don't you just go every week....huh? Or maybe stick to everyday and see how you can survive??? :) I need your writing!