Sunday, March 1, 2015

Uniquely crafted

I am a woman, a Christ follower, mom, wife, Occupational Therapist, friend, sister, child. None are roles that are exclusive to me. Yet I am not the same as any of those that share the same title. I believe we are  uniquely created to fill certain roles and functions in this life. I write this as a confirmation of my own pains in growing into this truth. Today the Pastor at church spoke about telling our stories and that each of us has a story to tell. That resonates so loudly with all that I have been gleaning post "IF Gathering". WE are of one body but many parts each having a special function. My heart is  for women to be free to share their stories and be confident in how they are wired. That we as Christian women would be "strong and courageous" and walk bravely in the roles we are given with out shame or apology.

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  1. Amen to this. We need to "woman-up!" This is my new fav phrase taken from a movie I watched tonight - Big Hero 6!