Thursday, March 19, 2015

boys part 1

There is something engaging about watching a bunch of boys playing together. I have been honored to have many such occasions over the years. There is the initial warm up of what is to be done, slowly  the ideas get tossed around until a quasi agreement is made. The chosen activity is invariably something involving movement, building or deconstructing. Trampolines are taken out of storage and put back together so jumping can ensue. Over the years dirt and snow have been shoveled so ramps could be built for bike and skateboard tricks. Adventures on long boards taken in the name of getting a slushy at Sheetz. Bike rides with fishing poles laid across handle bars for fishin' in hopes of catching a big one and lengthy conversations surrounding "cool" cars and some "day plans". Sometimes there have  been 6 or more at a time yet they are hardly noticed until it is feeding time. Even now as the years have progressed, that is changing, their ability to be self sufficient and cook up some grub is pretty impressive. Boys sharpening, encouraging and sometimes ragging on one another is truly a gift and a wonder.


  1. Thank you for including my boy in the mix. :-)

  2. They were a riot at Wider. The bonding was evident and once we made sure Zach/Kyle was fueled with coffee things were good! :) I loved this account! Love your writing!