Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Poppy

My Poppy

Today is my dad's 80th birthday. I have the privilege to celebrate this occasion in person, spending 5  peaceful days with him. I have not spent more than 8 hours in a row with him since I was in my teen years. It is wonderful to glimpse the daily rhythms. We have chatted, played Rummikub and watched the workers progress as they remodel the bathrooms. My favorite thing  is the morning ritual when my step mom braids my father's long pony tail in the back. No grand outings but the simple pleasure of "hanging out " in an unhurried pace, enjoying each others company.

picture to be posted later

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  1. This is a precious family. So love that you are able to meander and wander in their daily life. It is awesome there are no outings but simply beings. When we would visit my in-laws in Red Lake it is exactly this that happened - much about visiting!