Monday, March 9, 2015

Girls for Rent

Girls for rent...What a horrid phrase yet that is what is happening all around our country. I just finished a book called Renting Lacey by  Linda Smith. It tells the story of several girls who were lured away at ages 11 and 12 into a life of prostitution inter woven with facts and statistics about the sex trade industry. It is over whelming how many minors are  lost to this multi-billion dollar industry. Sadder still is the market driven by adults (statistically more men) seeking and buying. I also read a book called Girls like us by Rachel Lloyd. It tells about how difficult it is for these girls to acclimate to any semblance of a normal life even if they are rescued from it. These stories have been pressing on my heart and I feel called to pray and be open to helping but not sure what that will look like. It can seem like the problem is insurmountable, but was blessed to realize that I am help-mate to a man who is passionate about helping other guys walk with integrity and purity. Statistically arresting the girls or the pimps does not reduce the demand. But  if we can instill in our men and boys (even if it is one guy at a time) that it is not OK to buy girls or to treat them like objects  maybe one less girl will be used and abused.

 (a world wide organization against trafficking)

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