Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday Outings

Saturday Outings

I miss the Morgantown Farmers Market... That is where my Saturday outings began. Hubby would escort me there many Saturdays with my reusable "market bags" (an odd ball collection of misfit bags, some with broken straps or even left over glitter from work). He would faithfully follow me around collecting my purchases while sipping on Twin Valley Coffee. The Market is no longer but Saturday market days live on. Our outings are not as regularly marked out now nor are the locations. Hubby has accompanied me to a bent and dent store, the local Mennonite grocery store and this weekend endured a trip to Wegmans. He was a good sport pushing the cart around finding a waiting spot in the overly crowded produce aisle as I cruised around comparing prices. He waited patiently as I perused the Gluten Free section studying each new item. He dutifully weighed in  on choices about lunch meat and hung with me until the dairy aisle when he finally ducked out in the Magazine section to look at fishing and hunting. He rallied again as we headed to the check out counter only to leave again to head to his reward, a six pack of Crafted Beer. I would love for the Farmers Market to return but am glad for the tradition it has started.

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  1. You were so faithful to the Farmer's Market! I miss the Market! I would have loved for the Community to have understood what they had in their midst!!!!! You need to start heading towards the Phoenixeville or Dowington markets! But, hey, maybe you need to start something. :)