Friday, March 6, 2015


Numerically 50 is not a bad number but this trip to sunny Fort Lauderdale has chased out vanity hiding in the shadows. Maybe its being forced to shed the winter apparel and sweatpants,  for clothing that reveals more, or rooming with my yoga fit older sister, but I am struggling with who is looking back at me in the mirror. Having consecutive bad hair days (humidity has a wonderful affect on my frizzy hair) has not helped the situation nor going shopping for shorts. I have not minded as this milestone birthday approaches until now, when I realized the betrayal of my body. When did I turn into a middle aged woman? These vain insecurities caught  me off guard. Having felt some peace in who I am  as a woman in Christ I thought I surely had conquered these demons yet here they are being unearthed looking me square in the face. Where does one go with this but to The One who is the creator of beauty and go back to the basics of understanding that I am created in His image and true beauty is reflecting His glory not the smoothness of my skin or the size of my waist.

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  1. Trips trip us up over vacation boulders such as this............such is life and I have always needed the challenge.

    And you are one beautiful woman, and not just on the inside but that is only where God is looking. In fact, God only sees beautiful Jesus when He is looking at you!

    And the beauty you communicate everyday is powerful. Jesus has no room for size or dimensional restrictions.