Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daily Rhythms

 Thoughts on Daily Rhythms

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It is comforting to have established daily routines yet it is so easy to  become discontent with them until they are not there. Having been away a whopping 5 days( a new record for me), I am on the  one hand glad to be home in my own bed with my husband and children around me, and on the other hand already feeling the grind of trying to get back into my routine. The tension in finding that balance of being fully present in the mundane and taking breaks from our rituals exists in so many areas of life. I think we are to appreciate and be thankful for these daily rhythms just as the sunrises and sets and day and night come in repeated cycles. But we are also to be aware and ready for when God shifts us off balance or slightly off schedule, ready for the unexpected. I do not always find balancing the scale easy as I can slide back into Eeyore bemoaning the ho-hum or fearing the unanticipated. This is why I  need daily reminders of why I am here, who I am created by, and that whatever is in my day it has already been  prepared for me.

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